3 Rear-view Camera Options

A rear-view camera installed in your motor vehicle will no longer be a luxury but a standard safety feature in the US. The rear-view camera has been proven to save lives and also a handy tool to ensure that you do not leave a “sorry, I bumped into your car” note when you park in a tight spot.

Rear-view cameras were first installed in motor vehicles about 10 years ago. If your car is older than that or did not come with a rear-view camera, do not worry. There are numerous rear-view camera options in the market that will act as eyes at the back of your head. Rear-view cameras come in all sizes for upmarket clients and also at budget-friendly prices.

Here are 3 options for wireless rear view camera

  1. Nonda

This is a wireless smart backup camera that is versatile and is invaluable for motorists that need imagery both at the front and at the back. This camera costs about $120 and is specifically designed to eliminate blind spots. The camera allows for wide viewing angles at 170 degrees, excellent picture quality, and clear visibility even in low light.

You will not need specialized help to install this camera as you can do it yourself in about 10 minutes. The Nonda system is shipped for free throughout the US and has a 12-month warranty.

  1. Auto-Vox X2

This is a rear-view wireless camera that does it all. It is handy for motorists that desire a unit with all requirements meaning that it does not require extensions. It retails for around $260, is touch-sensitive, measures 9.8 inches, and attaches to your stock rear-view mirror.

The system utilizes a camera mounted above the rear license plate to help you when backing up. It also functions as a dash cam as it has a front-facing camera that allows you to record high-resolution images. If the system detects a collision, it automatically saves footage although it does not have a bundled SD card.

  1. eRapta ERT01

This is the best budget-friendly option. This is a straightforward camera that helps you view what’s behind your car. It costs just $22 and offers the basics of a wireless rear-view camera. The camera is bolted on the top part of your rear license plate and is encased in a plastic casing. The camera can transfer video footage to the touchscreen in your car or can be connected to a different display system. The quoted cost only covers the camera and you will have to pay more for a display system.

The eRapta is not feature-rich compared to other offerings on the market but is waterproof and allows you to view high-resolution footage at the back of your car. It can also withstand a range of temperatures and can capture an area 149-degree in size behind your car.

It is up to you to determine what you want in the market. The regulations require you to install a rear-view camera regardless of whether your car was manufactured with one.

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