What are the Requirements for UK University Applications | the Concept of NARIC Translation

At the time of applying for a UK university, you need to submit certain education documents. These documents may show your level of qualification, what type of courses you have completed in a certain degree that you have completed, or the certificates for the language tests.

If your educational documents are not in the English language, your UK university application will not be accepted. So, for this, it becomes essential to translate the documents. In today’s post, we will talk about the NARIC translation. By reading this post until the end, you will get to know the crucial documents required for UK university application and the best translation agency that may provide the best certified translation services in the United Kingdom.

Which Documents Are Required for UK University Application?

To apply for a UK university, there are several documents that must be submitted with the application. Each document is analyzed based on the criteria of each UK University. Most universities prefer to see the evidence of the academic certificate, while other universities require applicants to submit an academic transcript. On the other hand, a few universities require to see some other relevant educational documents.

So, there are mainly three types of documents that may be required for UK university applications. These include:

  • Academic Certificate: Academic certificate is a simple document that shows the level of your education. Whether it is a university or college degree or a diploma, it shows the level of education you have completed to a specific date.
  • Academic Transcript: Another crucial document that may be required by a UK university during the application process is the academic transcript that shows what courses you have completed in a specific degree.
  • Other Education Documents: These may include TOFEL or IELTS certificates.

What is UK NARIC Translation?

A leading agency in the United Kingdom that may assess or recognize the international qualifications on behalf of the UK Government is UK NARIC. If you are an ILR candidate, it is compulsory that all your qualification documents must be verified by NARIC. NARIC only accepts documents in the English language. So, if your education documents, certificates, and transcripts are in any other language, it is time to go for UK NARIC translation.

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